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List of Repair Services in Jerusalem, Israel

If you plan on living in Israel for a while then knowing which home repair services to go with for your different housing needs is essential. the following are a few that I’ve had experiences with:

When I need my refrigerator repaired I went with the Appliance Specialist (run by Americans with years of experience), they sent a technician over to my home in Jerusalem (they’re located in Ramat Beit Shemesh), same day service was available for an additional cost, I’ve hired them twice so far and am very happy with them. In the past I’ve been messed over by Israeli technicians claiming to know how to fix American machines… most israeli technicians have no idea what they’re doing with European machines let alone American. I had my maytag washer and regular European made refrigerator repaired and it was all done quickly as the technician had all the parts that needed to be replaced in his truck. I heard about him from this listing for finding an appliance repair service. Onthat same listing you acn find a bunch of other services and reviews of them,

For electrical work I always go with Michoel Gutman (you can find his info on that list, hes an electrician that does work all around Jerusalem and its surrounding areas.

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