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Whitesmoke vs. Grammarly

There are thousands of talented writers out there who are cracking their knuckles, brewing a cup of joe and sitting back in their office chairs to put their ideas to life. Not only is writing one of the most creative outlets, it can be utilized recreationally, commercially, communicatively, etc. However, as much talent as one may have in writing, perfecting grammar and spelling rules can be a serious block in the road. The people behind Grammarly and Whitesmoke recognize that, and they each put together successful programs to catch most grammatical errors. This raises the big question: which one is better?

- Try a sample of the spell-check software here and see how you like it.

WhiteSmoke and Grammarly each have their own pros and cons. Here are the strong and weak points of each program:


  • Thorough and accurate
  • Easy to use; no character limit
  • Informs you of the mistakes made in writing
  • Comprehensive error analysis
  • Free trial is more limited
  • Simple, quick layout
  • 8.8/10 on TopTenReviews.com


  • Catches most grammatical errors in writing
  • Catches most spelling errors in writing
  • Does not recognize plagiarism
  • Ease of finding location of recognized errors
  • Suggests changes, but in a vague manner
  • Tends to miss complex grammatical errors
  • 6.3/10 on TopTenReviews.com

Overall, Grammarly and Whitesmoke are both efficient grammatical fly swatters that can turn a “grammatically inept” writer’s dreams into reality. After paying the affordable membership and giving an appropriate test drive, I’ve found that the road feels smoother under Grammarly’s engine. After purposely scribbling novice grammatical and spelling blunders, both
caught them red handed – but when it came to the more sophisticated grammar trips, some flew over Whitesmoke’s head whereas Grammarly caught it as if a popball to center field.

When it boils down to it, Grammarly (see Grammarly discounts here) finishes first in the race but if you like Whitesmoke’s layout better, than it’s worth the slight sacrifices to go with that preference instead.

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